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A special accessory for clamp meters which can be used to measure current conveniently without breaking the insulation on equipment’s power line. It can also be used to test the equipment’s working voltage using a multimeter.

  • Product Size: 174mm*57mm*48mm/6.8″*2.2″*1.9″
  • Product Weight: 134g/0.29lb
  • Safety Rating: CE(EMC+LVD) CAT III 600V RoHS
  • Allows for Easy AC Current Measurements Using a Clamp Meter on 2 or 3 Wire Power Cords
  • Provides the Ability to Safely Measure Current without the need to cut or Separate Conductors
  • Separates the Hot / Live Conductor from the Neutral and Ground
  • Voltage check sockets for easy power calculations


Specification Range

AC Voltage 250V
AC Current 15A
X1 current terminal Test actual working current
X10 current terminal Test working current x 10
No Accessories.